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UNIT-1: Basic Structure of Computers

Basic Structure of Computers: Basic Organization of Computers, Historical Perspective, Bus Structures, Data Representation: Data types, Complements, Fixed Point Representation. Floating, Point Representation. Other Binary Codes, Error Detection Codes. Computer Arithmetic: Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication Algorithms, Division Algorithms.

UNIT-2: Register Transfer Language and Microoperations,Basic Computer Organization and Design

Register Transfer Language and Microoperations: Register Transfer language. Register Transfer Bus and Memory Transfers, Arithmetic Micro operations, Logic Micro Operations, Shift Micro Operations, Arithmetic Logic Shift Unit. Basic Computer Organization and Design: Instruction Codes, Computer Register, Computer Instructions, Instruction Cycle, Memory “ Reference Instructions. Input “Output and Interrupt, Complete Computer Description.

UNIT-3: Central Processing Unit,Microprogrammed Control

Central Processing Unit: General Register Organization, STACK Organization. Instruction Formats, Addressing Modes, Data Transfer and Manipulation, Program Control, Reduced Instruction Set Computer. Microprogrammed Control: Control Memory, Address Sequencing, Micro Program example, Design of Control Unit. 

UNIT-4: Memory Organization,Input-Output Organization

Memory Organization: Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory, Auxiliary Memory, Associative Memory, Cache Memory, Virtual Memory. Input-Output Organization: Peripheral Devices, Input-Output Interface, Asynchronous data transfer, Modes of Transfer, Priority Interrupts, Direct Memory Access.

UNIT-5: Multi Processors, pipeline

Multi Processors: Introduction, Characteristics of Multiprocessors, Interconnection Structures, Inter Processor Arbitration. Pipeline: Parallel Processing, Pipelining, Instruction Pipeline, RISC Pipeline, Array Processor. 


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